Adventure WOD THIS Sunday - Geocaching Adventure Race

    WHAT:  Adventure WOD THIS Sunday at 9:00am WHERE:  Harms Woods Parking Lot (at Old Orchard Road and Harms Road) ACTIVITY:  Geocaching

Trodo Open - Saturday, September 6th

 Trodo Open   We will program this Open WOD on Saturday, September 6th in lieu of the normal Team WODs at 8 and 9am.     This is your only


AMRAP 25 Minutes

5 Stick Jumps (20)

5 Power Cleans (65)

5 Deadlifts (95)

5 KB Thursters per arm (16kg)

1 200m (ish run)

5 Pull Ups

5 Push Ups


  • This WOD will bei done in teams of 4.  The goal is to get as many "runs" as possible.  A "run" will be a successful lap around the course.
  • You may pass your fellow athletes.  Only 1 person may be working on a station at a time (run not included)